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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Nativbird?
Nativbird is an online marketplace for locally crafted, manufactured and native products.

What kind of products does Nativbird offer?
Nativbird prides itself in supporting local products with international quality. Everything you can find in this marketplace is locally crafted, manufactured and is a native product.

Registration & Contact Info

How do I become a part of Nativbird?
To be a part of this upcoming marketplace, all you have to do is visit the website - www.nativbird.com. Choose between being a seller or a buyer and then register with your email address.

Is signing up free?
Signing up is 100% free. 

Who do I contact for any other questions I have?

You can send an email to hello@nativbird.com or call us through +63 (02) 8692 7985

Why I didn’t receive any verification email?

if you didn’t receive any verification code in your inbox. Please check your ‘Spam Folder’, if not there, you can email us at hello@nativbird.com.

Can I delete my Account?

We are sorry to hear that you would like to delete your account. Please write to us at hello@nativbird.com and we will process deletion of account.
How do I sign up as a seller?
It’s very easy. Just follow the steps below:
  1. Go to https://sellers.nativbird.com/ and click on sign-up
  2. Provide all the information required and ensure you have one valid ID
  3. Wait for a call/email from our team
  4. Once all documents are provided, seller will be provided user name and password
  5. Complete your dashboard profile by adding banking details and other required informations
  6. Once done, you can start listing your products
But if you still need help, feel free to contact us an email at hello@nativbird.com. Someone from the team will be more than happy to assist you.

Why should I be a seller at Nativbird?

There are a number of reasons why. But below are the top 3.
  • EARN - If you become a seller, you have a guaranteed additional income every time someone buys your product.
  • WIDER REACH - Have a wider national (and possibly global) exposure for your product. Through our platform, people from all over the country/world can just easily search for your product.
  • SUPPORT LOCAL - Love your own. Be proud of what the Philippines has to offer. It’s about time we have a marketplace where everything is local.
How do I earn as a Nativbird seller?
Every purchase of your product guarantees you an income. So the more orders you have, the more income you earn.

How much does Nativbird charge sellers?
Listing your products on our website is absolutely free. We only charge a flat platform fee from SRP once a product is sold.

How to change my account to vacation mode?
If you’re on vacation mode, change your product status into ‘inactive’. And inform us by contacting us at hello@nativbird.com.

Collection and Payment

Do you store the products?
No. We don’t want to hold on to your stock. We will only collect the product once an order is made.

Who takes care of collection of products, transportation and delivery to buyers?
All you have to do is ensure you manufacture and produce your product the best quality possible. The rest like pick-up, delivery, and payment collection, we will manage it for you.

How do I monitor my order requests?

Once you are done with your seller onboarding, you will be given access to your own dashboard. With this dashboard, you will be able to check and monitor the demand for your products as well as your sales.

What is the schedule of payment to sellers?
Payment will be processed within 10 days upon buyer’s receipt of the product. This is assuming that there is no outstanding dispute/complaints on the product.

Can I buy product using my seller account?
Yes, you can use your seller account to buy other products available in Nativbird. No need to create a new account.

Product Returns and Inventory Issues

What if a product is returned?

For returned products, the seller will have to shoulder the shipping fee. This will be automatically deducted from the sellers pay-out. If a replacement is necessary, the seller will be covering the shipping cost incurred.

What if a product is no longer available?
A seller has control over the inventory of their product in the dashboard section. In the case wherein a purchase is made and the seller is not able to update the inventory, the seller will have to shoulder the payment processing fee that was incurred.

Signing up as a BUYER.

How do I sign up as a buyer?

You can sign up using your email address. By clicking Log-in in top of our homepage, click on the option and create account.

Order Tracking

How do I track my order?
You can do any of the following:
  • Send us an email at hello@nativbird.com
  • Send us a message through our facebook messenger account

How many days until I receive my order/s?
This will depend on the location and delivery location of the product. Estimated delivery will be within 2-7 days. For certain curated items, it will be even longer and will depend on your agreement with the seller.

How to report a problem with my order/s?
Contact us at hello@nativbird.com or message us through our messenger account. You have to ensure you report it to us within 24 hours from the receipt of the product.

Shipping and Delivery

How much is the shipping fee?

The shipping fee will depend on location, size and weight of the product. You will see this automatically added in your court before you proceed to payment.

Is there express delivery?
Yes. But this will depend if the product is readily available from the seller.

Can the products be delivered nationwide?
Yes, we deliver nationwide.

Mode of Payment

What are the modes of payments available?

There are three modes of payment:
  • Cash on delivery (COD)
  • Debit/Credit card payment thru Paymaya/Paypal
  • Over the counter. Amount to be deposited into our Security bank account.

Cancellation & Returns

What if I want to cancel my order?

Please refer to the terms and conditions of the items you are buying. Some items are non-cancellable.

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